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Who we are

We are a company harnessing the benefits of hydrogen fuel cell technology to create domestic power without pollution and noise. Domestic power is the power used to run the fridge, the lights, the pumps etc, not drive the boat along. As liveaboard boaters ourselves, we know the importance of reliable domestic off-grid power all-year-round. 

We integrate hydrogen fuel cells and their gas storage into a system that can easily be installed onto a narrowboat, wide-beam or inland waterway cruiser. Developed to comply with boat safety regulations, our housings are designed with ease of use, safety and longevity in mind. 

Manufactured in the UK from lightweight and corrosion resistant materials, they provide secure containment for a 200-Watt PEM fuel cell and its associated carbon-fibre G20 gas storage cylinders. Our product is designed to blend seamlessly into your boat's aesthetic.

N Swift May 22 B.JPG
Nick Swift - Director 

We also undertake a small amount of consultancy for those who are keen to understand more about the application of hydrogen to different uses, both on and off the water.  We are members of the Hydrogen Energy Association and part of the HEA Green Hydrogen working group.

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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We will not sell your data to others or send you un-necessary amounts of correspondence. Our privacy policy can be found here. 

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