Our fuel cell product on a narrow boat
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Domestic Power Unit
Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg
Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg

Our domestic power unit is designed to integrate beautifully with your boat.  It is roof mounted because of the importance of ventilation for hydrogen gas safety.  The fuel cell unit has an integrated battery charger that manages the charge current and voltage to optimise the life of your domestic batteries.  The system will integrate with any solar panels that you may have, reducing gas consumption when the sun does shine.  The fuel cell has two operating modes - a manual control and an automatic mode where it will monitor battery voltage and start automatically at a voltage that can be adjusted to match your battery type.


The unit is 2.3m long and 460mm tall.  It will accommodate two hydrogen storage options;


Two hydrogen Genie® cylinders (54G20) that each contain 454g of hydrogen. One can be in use whilst the other is held in reserve.  Each cylinder has sufficient stored energy to generate 6.5kWh of DC power.

One GenieMax® cylinder (54G46V) that will store nearly 1kg of hydrogen when pressurized to 300 bar.  This is sufficient to generate 15kWh of DC power.


The gas storage cylinders are hired from BOC, a Linde company, and refilled by exchange at one of their Gas and Gear centres. 


It is anticipated that other suppliers of gas will become available as hydrogen is more widely adopted in society.

The unit is designed to be removeable from the roof if needed, and incorporates both boat interior ventilation and passive fire protection.

Our product is being launched on the 2nd June 2022 at the Crick Boat show.