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28th April 2022

The tooling for our domestic power system housing is now approaching completion.  The "plugs" are done and the moulds are now being made that will be used to produce the production parts. Here the green grp that forms the moulds is being laid up at Monstercam Ltd. 


Collection is due this weekend so that the first housing can be made in Falmouth.  

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11th April 2022

The tooling for our domestic power system housing is now in production at Monstercam in Lee on Solent.  Here you can see the shape of the housing and its lid. 


First the "plugs" are machined from a dense foam, then they are cover in a polyester paste.  Next they will be machined to the final shape.  Once these plugs are complete and the surface finished to a high standard, moulds will be taken from which the housings will be made.  We will follow the progress with this over the next few weeks.


7th April 2022

Our product design work is now complete and we are excited to reveal what it will look like.  Here are some images just delivered by Chris and Lucas, our design partners at Vital Spark Creative Ltd.


We will be offering a service for the housing to be vinyl wrapped to match the colour of your boat.  Or we can provide it in primer to be painted as part of a wider painting scheme.  It could be in any colour of your choosing.

Now we have to turn a product that exists only in the virtual world into something we can all see, buy and use.  The next step on our hydrogen power journey.

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Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg
Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg
Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg
Rev5_310322_Full Assembly_edited.jpg

2nd March 2022

Hydrogen Afloat will be exhibiting our product at two events in June.

The first will be the Crick Boat Show, where our product will be launched on the first day.  The largest inland waterway show in the UK, Crick is a key event in the boating year.  Come and find us on the Quayside where our stand will be powered from our fuel cell based domestic power system.





For further details and to book your tickets visit :

The second event will be:

This event is at the NEC and brings together companies and individuals with an interest in all things hydrogen. 


Tickets are available here:  



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January 23rd 2022

The concept design stage is now finished and we are about to start our detail design work.  Suppliers have been selected after a busy couple of weeks visiting sites and obtaining quotations.  The "plug" mould for our housing will be machined using the Monster Cam facilities at Marine Concepts.  This will then be used to take a carbon fibre mould onto which the housings will be built using a polyester honeycomb material impregnated with resin.  This will form a strong, light structure to house the fuel cell and its gas storage.

You can see their facilities here

3rd February 2022

Where will the hydrogen come from you may ask?





The nice people at the EU publish, and regularly update, this interactive map that shows where hydrogen is currently being produced across Europe.  On the "Process" drop down select "Reforming" to see where Grey hydrogen from natural gas is produced, and select "Water Electrolysis" to see where Green hydrogen is currently made.  You can see that Germany are currently rather in the lead, but the plan is for the UK to catch up, as explained in the Hydrogen Strategy published last year.

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